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    Contact Us


    Correspondence Address
    The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
    Tel: (852) 2859 2111 
    Fax: (852) 2858 2549

    HKU Office Telephone Enquiry Chatbot

    Estates Office – Security Control Centre
    Tel: 3917 2882 (24hrs)

    Communications and Public Affairs Office, The Registry
    University communications and media relations: cpao@hku.hk
    Tel: 2859 2610


    Admissions Office
    Enquiries on undergraduate admissions: admissions@hku.hk
    Enquiries on admissions of undergraduate students from the Mainland: prcua@hku.hk
    Enquiries on taught postgraduate admissions: tpgadmissions@hku.hk
    Tel: 3917 5886

    Exchange Student
    Enquiries on student exchange: exchange@hku.hk
    Tel: 2219 4549

    Graduate School
    Enquiries on research postgraduate programme admissions: gradsch@hku.hk
    Tel: 2857 3470


    Centre of Development and Resources for Students
    Tel: 3917 2305

    Development & Alumni Affairs Office
    Tel: 3917 1700

    Global Lounge
    Tel: 2219 4549

    Graduate House
    Tel: 3917 1810

    HKU Visitor Centre
    Email: visitorcentre@hku.hk
    Tel: 3917 7853

    Main Library
    Tel: 3917 2203

    Robert Black College
    Tel: 2296 1771

    University Museum & Art Gallery
    Tel: 2241 5500

    HKU website - Feedback, Web accessibility
    Should you have any enquiries/comments on the accessibility/other matters of this website, please contact us at:
    Tel: 3917 0123
    Email: webadm@hku.hk


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